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Lot's Wife, Noah's Ark and Rogues Gallery: Sea Music Recordings .
There's a thriving scene for historical and contemporary sea music, with festivals all over. Here in the U.S., the premiere festival is at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. Last month my band Ocean Celtic was lucky enough to.

Eurotrad: European Roots Music Recordings | Stephen D. Winick
In addition to the American and Canadian folk I often encounter, I've been writing for years about European music, from Finland to Spain and everywhere between.

a tonne of ethnic music recordings –. Electronic Music &. Production Forum
Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks for the link, looks like I've some new rhythms to study. Advertisements. ——————. http://www.altered-echo.com/ Check out my Massive presets Brotonne42 is offline, Thanks. Brotonne42.

Beatles Plan Second Collection Of BBC Recordings Elmore .
Saving American Music | Blues, Roots, Country, Jazz, Rock &. Roll, Bluegrass, Folk.

Liam Singer's Arc Iris Reviewed at Music Won't Save You | Hidden .
Liam Singer's beautiful new album Arc Iris has received more review love from Italy, this time in the wonderful Italian blog Music Won't Save You. Check out . Hidden Shoal Recordings is an imprint of Hidden Shoal Publishing

Sirius Is Sued Over Music Royalties for Pre-1972 Recordings .
The entity that collects performance royalties from digital music services —. Distributes them to performers and record labels —. Sued satellite-radio giant Sirius XM Radio Inc. for allegedly refusing to pay for recordings made.

two new sets of music recordings posted | Mars Will Send No More
Our music page contains two new albums. Electromagnetic Thrush collects our final recordings (2012) on our digital multi-tracker before it bit the dust. Yes, it's the end of an era. We put together a couple new instrumentals,.

Minnesota Orchestra Postpones Sibelius Recordings –. NYTimes.com
The orchestra earned a Grammy nomination last year for its Bis recording of Sibelius's Second and Fifth symphonies. The orchestra. Its Finnish music director, Osmo Vanska, had planned to record Sibelius's Third and.