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VALIANT and Leading Music and Entertainment Merchandising .
Tweet Valiant is proud to announce that it's partnered with Cinder Block, the leading independent music and entertainment merchandise company. Valiant.Cinderblock.com a new on line portal offering limited edition.

Merch Madness: Is Your Stuff This Cool? –. Music Connection
To help you get better results from your merchandising efforts, Music Connection asked experienced artists, managers, labels and PR companies to send us examples of items that not only get attention. Also sell like crazy.

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Universal Gains Beatles Merchandising Rights –. ElmoreMagazine.com
Saving American Music | Blues, Roots, Country, Jazz, Rock &. Roll, Bluegrass, Folk.

Behind the music: Does Music Matters really matter . –. The Guardian
In the last few years, many “experts”. Have been saying that the music industry (note, by that I don't mean just the record industry) should makeup the loss of revenue from recorded music by making money from merchandising,.

European Chamber Music: Some of the Merchandising Products of .
Some of the Merchandising Products of the Project. Posted by European Chamber Music at 09:26 Email ThisBlogThisShare to TwitterShare to Facebook. 0 comments: Post a Comment. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post.

Remembering Legendary Music Promoter Sid Bernstein | News .
Four years ago, Mr. Bernstein was a guest speaker in Hofstra Professor Ken Lampl's music merchandising class. He spent 90 minutes reminiscing about the many famous artists he worked with throughout the years and.

Beatles Merchandising Rights Go to Universal's Bravado –. The .
Bravado, the global merchandising arm of Universal Music Group, has announced a deal with Apple Corps., the management boutique founded by the Beatles in 1967, covering rights to Beatles merchandise in North America.